Keeping Customers Safe While On A Tour Of A Factory

If you manage a large company that manufactures a food or drink product, you may wish to host guided tours for customers to enjoy learning about the production of your wares. Many larger factories offer this type of service in an attempt to educate people about the way their products are processed while also seeking to gain more sales. Here are some steps you can take to start this beneficial program in your own manufacturing plant.

Conduct Scheduled Sessions

Rather than letting customers walk through the plant unattended, have scheduled hours where a tour guide is available to bring participants through the factory. This will ensure there is less risk of someone getting lost or injured while taking their tour. It is best to limit the number of participants for each scheduled tour time so the guide will be able to keep track of the whereabouts of each person. Encourage people to sign up for a session in advance by calling the factory or through an online website form.

Include Wayfinding Signs

Make sure those visiting the establishment are aware of which areas they should remain in while taking the tour of the facility. Hand out maps of the touring area before the session begins. Place large signs on walls with arrows indicating which way to walk so people see all the tour has to offer without the risk of becoming lost or hurt along the way. Painted arrows or signs on floors are another option. Give each area a name so visitors will know where they are located at all times. They can look at their map to find out where they are located if they are unsure of their whereabouts. You can get whatever signs you need from a company like Elliott Bay Metal Fabricating Inc.

Offer Appropriate Protection

Have each person taking the tour wear clothing to help keep them safe as they watch the factory processes in action. Hair nets should be worn to keep the product from contamination as well as keep longer strands from getting caught in a piece of machinery. Safety goggles and respirators can be worn in areas where blowing pieces or chemicals are present. Have these items available at the beginning of the tour and ask each participant to use them throughout the walk-through for their own safety.

Promise A Surprise 

Rather than have someone risk getting hurt by trying to swipe a free sample during the tour, announce that each participant will be able to taste test some of your products at the end of the tour. This will keep visitors enthusiastic as they make their way through the tour, and there will be a decreased chance of someone trying to take something as they learn about the company.

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