Items You Should Have On Hand When Scrapping Metal From Your Home

If you bought a home to rehabilitate or if you are interested in renovating a room in your current home, you can make a little money by selling scrap metal. Metals such as steel, copper, and aluminum can be sold to scrap metal recycling yards. These can aid in financing some of the new fixtures that you would like to place in your house. If you plan to have a scrap metal company come and pick up any parts from your house, you should have some documentation with you. Here is what you need to plan for before calling a company to pick up the metal from your house. 

Ownership papers for the property

One of the biggest issues with accepting scrap metal from a home is that thieves who break into abandoned or foreclosed homes may attempt to take out and sell the scrap metal. For this reason, some scrap metal companies will ask for papers to show that you own the home or that you have the authority to move the scrap metal from the property. Be sure to have your deed on hand, showing that you are the rightful owner of the property so that there is no holdup. 

Bins to separate the different types of metal

If you can, it is best to separate the different types of metal, if they are loose. For instance, if you have already removed copper piping, you should put this in its own pile, while you place nickel metal in its own section. If you are selling whole electronics or appliances, you can leave these intact for the time being. The company may have to weigh out each particular metal, then let you know the overall price of all of the metal that you have scrapped. 

Tools to remove unnecessary non-metals

Nonmetals can just hold up the process of a scrap metal company accepting your scraps. Make their job easier by removing any necessary parts from around or near the metal. Remove any hoses and wires from the appliances, as well as plastic that will not be contributing to the actual weight of the scrap metal. If you are not sure if a part is metal or plastic, it is best to leave it, then ask the scrap metal company to make the determination. Removing unnecessary parts can also make the process of receiving payment for your scrap metal much faster. 

Contact a scrap metal pick up company in your area for more details.

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