4 Reasons Wire Mesh Can Be A Homneowners Best Friend

If you pass a roll of wire mesh at the industrial supply store and are like most other homeowners, you will walk on by and never give the stuff the proper attention it really deserves. The truth is, wire mesh is useful in an array of different settings and applications and is far from just useful for industrial purposes. Take a look at these four reasons why having a roll of wire mesh in your garage is a good idea as a homeowner. 

Quickly tack falling insulation back in place. - Under the house, in the basement, or in the attic, if you have rolled insulation falling from its place, it can be rather difficult to get it to stay put with just a staple gun. Wire mesh, however, is easy to tack in place with a few staples and is excellent for holding deteriorating insulation in place for a bit longer. 

Keep sneaky pests out of the crawlspace and attic. - Your crawlspace and attic does need some form of ventilation to keep naturally occurring gases from accumulating. However, because these areas of the house usually have vents in place, it also means that small pests, such as rodents and possums, will see these spaces as ideal hiding spots. Slap up some wire mesh over those vents in your attic and crawlspace and they will not be able to make their way through. 

Protect your exterior cooling unit from small pests. - The exterior unit of your central air system houses the main fan that is used for air circulation from outdoors to in, which means it must be able to get adequate air and must be left mostly open. The only problem with this is, not every type of exterior unit is built with pest resiliency in mind and some do have gaps large enough for rodents to crawl in. You can easily protect these openings with a  bit of wire mesh tacked in place. 

Keep birds out of your chimney. - Birds find small openings and see an ideal nesting area, which means your chimney could easily become the landing ground for a bundle of nesting birds when it is not in use through the spring and summer. Unfortunately, these unseen nests will become a fire hazard if they are not removed when you start up the fireplace again in the fall or winter. Cover your chimney with a piece of wire mesh over the top opening and these birdies will not be able to make their way inside. 

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