How To Easily Clean Your Filters

Your pressure gauge provides useful information that helps you know when it is time to clean your filter cartridge. This is often a challenging process. However, there are some ways in which the cleaning of the filter cartridge can be made easier.  With the right products, it is not that difficult to remove even some of the most stubborn clogs.

Take Apart The Cartridge.

First, the cartridge needs to be taken apart by following the instructions given by the manufacturer. Once the filter has been disassembled, the most efficient way to clean it is to use a garden hose. Sometimes, the garden hose may struggle to remove all of the debris. When this is the case, a pool blaster or a filter flosser can make this process easier.

Soak The Filter

You will need a bucket or dish to hold all of the elements that you will use to clean your filter. There are many things that can pass through the filter and become very difficult to remove, such as oils. To remove these oils, you will need to use a dishwasher detergent or any product that is designed specifically to clean filters. Soak the filters in the detergent for as long as possible. 10 hours is an ideal span of time to maximize the amount of oils you are able to remove from the filter.

After 10 hours have passed, the filter elements need to be shaken and dipped repeatedly into the detergent. This will help remove the oils that have accumulated. There may be debris in-between the pleats, which means you will need to use the garden hose to rinse the filter elements again.

Minerals and algae will sometimes become stuck to the filter and will be very stubborn. These are best removed by creating a solution made from water and 5% muriatic acid. The solution will bubble as the cartridge is soaked in the solution. Once it has stopped bubbling, you may remove the cartridge. 

Repair And Replace Damaged Filters

Once the cartridge has been cleaned, it will be time to reassemble it so it can be put back to use. When your filter has become damaged or is simply impossible to clean, it may be time to purchase a new filter cartridge. Cleaning your filters can save money by allowing you to avoid having to replace them as often, but it will eventually be necessary to buy filter cartridges again.

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