What Are The Pros And Cons Of Spiral Staircases?

Adding a spiral staircase to a room has many unique benefits and disadvantages. Here are some important points to consider when deciding to build with spiral staircases. 

Pro: They Add Visual Interest

Spiral staircases are simply more rare than straight edge staircases. This makes them somewhat visually unique. The winding stair structure is almost like a centerpiece to a room that may otherwise be very functional. 

Pro: They Save Space

Another of the main benefits of a spiral staircase is the limited impact that it has on your building floor plan. The vertical staircase takes up a very small space on both floors, while a regular staircase may take up ten feet or more of space on two separate stories. When space economy is important, spiral staircases are unbeatable. 

Con: They Are Harder to Navigate

Spiral staircases may be more difficult to navigate because you need to turn while traveling up the staircase. They are less intuitive because they are so much less common. And the vertical constraints of your staircase may be tricky; rather than having that ten feet to travel up a story, there is only a quick twist of stairs. This may mean that the head space is compressed when traveling up a spiral staircase. This may be something that you learn to live with, but it can certainly be tricky if you need to move in and out quickly using the spiral staircase.

Tight spiral staircases can be difficult for people other than those that are healthy and fit. They are not a great choice if very young children, the elderly, or pets will need to use the stairs. 

Pro: They Have Sturdy Construction

Spiral staircases are often made with quality metal. Their strength is unrivaled, and you may see your staircase and railings lasting for many, many years without a lot of upkeep necessary. 

Pro: They Are Cost Effective

Spiral staircases have the potential to be more cost effective than other options. In some cases, you can get a staircase kit that you may assemble yourself. However, if you are looking for something custom with professional installation, the cost can rise to be equal to a regular staircase. You may want to consult a manufacturing representative if you are considering installing spiral staircases in your building to see if they are a feasible fit for your space. 

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