Three Things To Print On Your Shipping Boxes

Streamlining product shipping begins with the boxes. Opting to add a few features to your main shipping containers may cost a little more at the outset, but it will save you money in the long run. Why? Because you won't need to invest in additional labels or someone to place the labels or pay the cost of shipments that go awry because they weren't properly labeled. The following are a few features to add to your shipping boxes next time you order them.

#1: Size guides

A common tactic used by major retailers that can also benefit your smaller business is to assign the most suitable box size to each item in your inventory. The box size is usually indicated by a number or letter, which is also printed somewhere on the side of the box. Then, your packers simply look at the size letter or number on the order sheet and grab the box that corresponds. This prevents the use of oversize boxes, which sometimes cost more to ship and always cost more to purchase. Naturally, it won't work for orders that contain multiple items, but it will streamline single order purchases.

#2: Shipping requests

Are the majority of your items fragile, or is it important that the box is opened from the right end? Perhaps you mainly ship refrigerated or perishable items. No matter what special shipping concerns you have, if they apply to the majority of your products, skip the special labels you must stick on to each and every box. Instead, have these shipping requests printed directly on the box to save money and time. Keep in mind there are some specifications that are better recognized on shipping requests, such as using bold arrows for a "this end up" request.

#3: Branding

Printing the branding right on the box not only saves you more labels, it also gives all of your shipments a uniform look that can help foster brand awareness and recognition. A good design will incorporate your company's logo or name with the return address information. Make sure it is sized and spaced appropriately so that the shipping label won't cover any part of the branding. You can even have the logo printed on the sides of the box if you don't use this space for other shipping instructions.

For more help in designing the right boxes for shipping your products, contact a packaging company, such as Canyon State Box and Container, that can specialize in fulfilling your needs.

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