Avoiding Corrosion In Cold-Weather Storage Tanks

Cold-weather storage tanks are often a necessary way of storing gasoline, oil, and other dangerous elements in areas hit hard by winter. Unfortunately these tanks can corrode over time, leading to a danger of spillage. Thankfully, it is possible to seal them with tank coatings and keep them safe from this danger.

Dangerous Storage Tank Corrosion 

Storage tanks in cold-weather conditions are often exposed to the dangers of constant water exposure and expansion of metal caused by freezing temperatures. Corrosion in these tanks occurs when the steel material is attacked by these elements, either being rusted away by water or turned brittle by water freezing in the steel.

The danger of this problem cannot be overstated. It can not only cause the tank to look less impressive, but also cause holes in the tank and damage the structure of the tank. Failure in a storage tank can allow its liquid containment to spill, leading to a potentially serious environmental problem. This danger is enhanced by the cold-weather situation, as it will make cleanup more difficult.

How Tank Coatings Help

Outdoor storage tanks in cold-weather environments need to be sealed with a tank coating material in order to keep it from wearing down. For example, zinc coatings can be applied to the surface of a steel tank in order to protect it from wearing down. The less-expensive zinc will be worn down instead of the steel and also protect it from expansion damage caused by cold weather.

Another way to use tank coatings is to apply primer on the steel to keep moisture out. This helps slow down absorption of water and oxygen, preventing rust and other damage from attacking the steel. Primer like this also protects the paint from wearing down, keeping outdoor storage tanks looking good for years.

Coatings Available For Your Tanks

There are a variety of coating materials that can be used for storage tanks, including:

  • Acrylic coating – Useful for small cracks and reducing freeze-thaw damage
  • Aquanaut primer – Uses a water-based system that makes it easier to apply
  • Zinc – Is a durable and tough coating that dries very quickly
  • Phenolic alkyd primer – Protects from various types of corrosion damage

Choosing the type of coating you want depends on your needs and the material used in your tanks. Acrylic coating is a good choice for cold-weather storage tanks due to its protection against freeze-thaw damage. Talk to a local tank coating dealer to make an informed decision.

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