Is Your Old CNC Machine Causing Problems? Upgrade An Replace It To Restore Efficiency In Your Shop

If you have outdated equipment or machinery in your shop and you're trying to get precise cuts on metal pieces, it may be time to upgrade to new equipment. With a new high quality and accurate CNC machine you don't have to worry about wasted materials or problems with your cuts, and you don't have to stress about repairing or working on old machines. Here are the steps to take to get rid of the damaged material problems or the delayed production because your current machine isn't delivering.

Get a New Machine

It's time to get a new CNC milling machine to help with the details and cuts that you need. Talk with custom machine builders so you can get the machine that you need in your shop, and to talk about size, customization and details. The initial investment in this machine will cost you, but improving the accuracy of your components and cuts, and product development efficiency is worth the investment.

Train Your Staff Properly

The staff that will be using the machine or working on the machine need to be trained to run the CNC software. Make sure that all of your programmers are familiar with the software that will be used to program the machine, to ensure there are no delays or complications once the machine is installed and in use.

The manufacturer can let you know about the system they use in advance, so your staff can find a local training facility or program online. The company that integrates the CNC machine should quote some service hours into the job, but you don't want to have to rely on those or pay for more after the machine is installed.

Look Into the Best Materials

Make sure that the metal you are using is the appropriate thickness and of high quality to get the cuts that you want. If you are using a cheap metal sheeting product or if you could be paying for higher quality metal and you aren't, then the problem could be that you are wasting materials, time and money by not investing in the better materials in the first place.

There are a lot of different issues that can arise if you have outdated machinery and you are using poor quality metal to cut your sheets and components. If this is really starting to cause quality of work concerns and cost issues in the shop, it's time to upgrade to a new machine. Contact a service, like Aero Mechanism Precision, to get a quote.

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