Here's Why Urethane Rollers Are Essential For Your Industry

Is your industry enjoying the many perks of urethane rollers yet? If it's not, it is high time you considered using them. Rollers made with urethane material are an excellent choice for any industrial applications that involve handling extreme loads in your business. If you need rollers that guarantee fast turnaround times, you can't go wrong with urethane rollers. The sections below tell you why you should pick urethane rollers.

What Makes Urethane Rollers Special?

Industry owners prefer using urethane rollers for a variety of reasons, including the following.

1.    Non-marring properties

One of the outstanding benefits of urethane rollers is they won't mar or damage products. If, for example, your industry deals with metallic pipes, you can use these rollers to transport them without worrying about leaving marks on their outermost skin layer. Plus, urethane rollers also protect the rolling surfaces on your floors from the damage brought about by less efficient options like steel rollers.

2.    Resistance to wear

Urethane material is incredibly resistant to the extreme wear present in high-friction areas. Therefore, you can use them in heavy-duty machinery, including forklifts and drive belts and still be safe from the frequent, costly replacements you would otherwise endure with other materials.

3.    High tensile strength

Urethane rollers can handle more pounds per square inch than most other materials used to make industrial rollers. That is why they are the most used solutions in applications that involve mounting heavy load machines. Moreover, the weight resistance offered by these rollers makes them durable and, therefore, ideal for withstanding ruptures and rapid deterioration.

4.    Reduction of noise

The activities in most industries emit a lot of noise. And, when this noise becomes uncontrollable, a working area becomes more of a hazard than an area of productivity. That is why it's advisable to use equipment that produces less noise. And urethane fitted rollers are one of the best implements that help with noise reduction in industries.

5.    Weather resistance

Urethane, unlike other materials, is weather resistant. That makes urethane rollers ideal for outdoor applications that must withstand harsh elements and weather conditions. On the other hand, rubber rollers and steel rollers can't survive for long, especially in environments dominated by wet weather. The reason being steel corrodes, and rubber rots over time in wet conditions, but urethane rollers stay intact.

6.    Chemical resistance

Experts in industries like the petrochemical industry require rollers that are resistant to various chemicals. Luckily, urethane rollers can withstand all types of chemicals and hydrocarbon-based solvents.

The Bottom Line

Any industry that needs rollers resistant to abrasion, chemicals, harsh weather, and extreme friction should get urethane rollers. That includes the textile, plywood, steel, paper, and packaging industries. But note that to get top-quality products, you must opt for a reputable manufacturer and supplier. That means looking for a company with extensive experience manufacturing urethane rollers, plus exemplary customer support and aftercare services.

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