Spotting Problems With Your Business's Well Pump

If your commercial property has a well, then you want to know what signs to watch out for regarding possible problems with the well pump. This way, you can act quickly when it comes to having the pump repaired. Here are some things to watch out for around your commercial property that can let you know the well pump is in need of immediate attention: 

There's no water being supplied to the business

A big indicator of well pump problems is not being able to get water in the business. Some examples include the faucets not turning on, the toilets not flushing, and the pieces of equipment that use water not getting the water they need to correctly operate. It's a good idea to turn off any equipment that needs water to operate because you don't want to run the risk of damages happening to the equipment. When you have no water coming in, you'll want to let the repair company know that you are dealing with a well pump emergency, so you need someone to come out immediately for an emergency call.

The water pressure has gone down

Another thing that can happen when there is something going on with the well pump is the water pressure in the business can go down. This can be noticed when someone goes to use a sink in the facility and the water comes out slower and in a smaller stream. Also, you may notice a water pressure problem because your equipment that's hooked up to the water is suddenly not functioning how it is supposed to because it isn't able to get the proper amount of water at the necessary pressure. 

The water is coming out dirty

When there is something wrong with the well pump, you can also have dirty water coming from it. This can sometimes be noticed when someone turns on the sink because the water will look brown or another color. Many times, the water will have a foul smell to it. If you find the water is dirty, then you should shut off the equipment that's hooked up to the water because it can possibly cause damage to your equipment, depending on what type of equipment you have. This is another example of a time when you want to let the well pump repair company know you have a possible well pump emergency because your business won't be able to function how it is supposed to until the water is coming out clean again.

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