5 Things To Look For In A Commercial Bike Rack

Whether you need to install a bike rack for your staff that bike commutes or for cycling customers, the best rack is one that installs into the ground so it can't easily be moved or stolen. Beyond installation style, there are also a lot more things you should consider when choosing a rack. 

1. Expected Usage

When shopping racks one of the first things to consider is how heavily you expect it to be used. More bike parking is naturally needed in areas where bike commuting is more common, whereas fewer are necessary in areas with fewer cyclists or less bike-friendly roads. Local municipal codes will sometimes have guidelines for bike parking that you can refer to, or you can work with your rack manufacturer to determine parking needs specific to your business.

2. Locking Points

All bike racks should feature at least two locking points so that cyclists can lock both the frame and the front wheel to the rack. This reduces the risk of theft and ensures that cyclists choose to use the rack as opposed to a nearby bench or tree instead. Although any in-ground bike rack tends to be secure, those with three-dimensional designs such as two-layer grid racks and post and ring racks tend to provide more versatile locking point options.

3. Space Considerations

Although you need to provide ample parking for cyclists, you must also consider the space you have available. If the rack is going in the parking lot, for example, how many spaces can you give up to bikes without inconveniencing drivers? On sidewalks, racks must be designed so they don't interfere with pedestrians. Fortunately, there are racks designed to fit as many bikes as possible into a small space, such as upright storage racks that take advantage of vertical space when square footage is at a premium.

4. Design Integration

The best rack adds to your building's attractiveness rather than taking away from it. You can go with simple designs painted to match your building's exterior if you don't want to draw attention to the rack. It's also possible to get sculptural racks that look like a piece of art just as much as they do a bike rack. Many manufacturers will have both stock designs and custom ones to choose from.

5. Special Amenities

Depending on the location, you may want to add some amenities. In areas with frequent rain but where biking is still popular, a covered bike rack is a nice option to help keep seats dry for your staff and clients. If you have a lot of bike commuters, racks with integrated service stations such as tire pumps can be a nice amenity. There are even racks with integrated charging ports for electric bikes. 

Contact a commercial in-ground mount bicycle rack manufacturer to see the available options. For more information on bike racks, contact a company near you.

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