2 Benefits Of Using A Steam Generator Instead Of A Gas Boiler For Your Factory

If the boiler system for your factory has started to fail, you may be making preparations to have it replaced. However, while looking at your options, you may be wondering if there is a less expensive alternative that will still give your manufacturing plant the same amount of power it needs.

If so, you may want to consider switching over to a system that uses a steam generator. Besides not needing to have to purchase fuel for the system, there are a couple of benefits that come with having a steam generator installed to replace your factory's boiler.

1. Steam Generator Does Not Need a Burner and Stacks to Operate, Eliminating the Need to Obtain Special Permits 

One benefit of using a steam generator to power your factory instead of a boiler system is that it does not require a burner to operate or stacks to expel emissions created by burning gas. With a gas boiler, using the system requires numerous special permits, from ones allowing you to burn the gas to permits that require emissions testing.

However, since a steam generator uses electricity to power its heating elements instead of gas, you do not have to worry about obtaining these permits. This can help save you both time and money from having to fill out and submit the required paperwork and fees needed to operate the boiler system.

2. Steam Generator Does Not Have a Burner or Multiple Moving Components, Allowing It to Operate Without Extensive Maintenance Needed

Another benefit of using a steam generator system over a boiler for your factory is that it does not require extensive maintenance. With a boiler system, the burner must be routinely cleaned, and multiple moving parts must be oiled and lubricated for the system to operate correctly.

However, with a steam generator that uses no burner, the need to clean one is eliminated. And, since the generator has fewer moving components than a boiler, your maintenance crew will save time that can be spent working on other areas of your factory.

If the time has come to replace your factory's old boiler, consider switching to a steam generator. Since it does not have a burner or require stacks, you will not need to obtain special permits for its installation. The lack of a burner and multiple moving components also means that the system will require less maintenance. Contact a company like Clayton Industries to learn more. 

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